Case Study

C.H. Briggs Builds A Better Relationship With Its Customers

Source: Infor

This case study from Infor takes a look at C.H. Briggs, one of the largest independently-owned distributors of specialty building materials on the east coast of the United States. C.H. Briggs has grown from a small business to now providing over 40,000 products from more than 200 suppliers, serving thousands of customers. Innovation and change are among the core values at C.H. Brigg’s and because of this they are often early adopters of new and emerging forms of technology. This challenges their IT team to continually find new and innovative ways to gain a competitive edge.

Scott Withers, Chief Information Officer at C.H. Briggs explains: “Many of our competitors choose to differentiate themselves by focusing on operational efficiency. Strategically we feel that to be successful, we needed to shift the basis on which we compete to a more customer-centric strategy, while still preserving the foundation of being operationally excellent.”

C.H. Briggs relies on Infor Distribution A+ to automate core processes, including inventory management, order entry, financial management, and sales operations across its four distribution centers. When Infor announced the release of their Inforce application – a data sharing solution, providing data in real-time between Infor Distribution A+ and Salesforce CRM – C.H. Briggs was one of the first in line to try the new solution, keeping with their tenets of innovation and change.

Download this case study below to read more about how C.H. Briggs used the Inforce application to improve data sharing between Infor Distribution A+ and Salesforce CRM and how Inforce worked for them.