Product Showcase

  1. Infor Distribution SX.e

    In today’s constantly shifting business landscape, distributors often need to deliver more than what has been traditionally expected from them.

  2. Infor ION Process

    Why tolerate business applications that don’t connect easily, work together effortlessly, and function reliably even after upgrade? With a well-designed, modern-day integration technology framework, your systems should do so much more than just exchange data.

  3. Infor Motion Road Warrior

    When you’re doing business on the road, you can’t be slowed down by lack of access to your back office systems. You need current information anytime, anywhere, along with the power to make decisions quickly and take action immediately while you’re on the move.

  4. Infor Distribution A+

    Like many distribution companies—especially if you have tens or hundreds of thousands of monthly transactions and SKUs—you might have found that your business model has become increasingly complex.

  5. Infor Workspace

    There’s no substitute for having the right information at your fingertips. Every time you have to “swivel” between business applications to gather information for making decisions, your work day gets slower and less productive.

  6. Infor F9 Financial Reporting

    If you use Excel, then you already know how useful spreadsheets are for financial reporting. F9 provides a dynamic link from your GL to Excel and gives you the most current information with a push of a button with no exports or manual entries required.

  7. CoPilot® Live™ Professional

    Integrated satellite navigation services for the mobile workforce.

  8. Dolphin 7800 Android - Enterprise Digital Assistant (EDA)

    Leveraging the modern and user-friendly Google® Android™ operating system packed with Honeywell extras, Honeywell’s Dolphin™ 7800 Android™ rugged EDA offers remote device management capabilities and invaluable security features, creating an enterprise-ready solution with an extended lifecycle and support provided by Honeywell.

  9. API (Finished and Intermediate) Shipment Services

    Marken’s network of offices and Pharmaceutical Service Depots fulfills the global movement of API from the point of manufacturing to CMOs and primary packagers.

  10. Specimen Collection Kit Production

    Marken can assist you in providing everything needed to ensure that specimens are collected properly and efficiently.