Industry News

  1. New Technological Advancements Drive Growth Opportunities For The Transportation And Logistics Sector In The United Kingdom

    The freight, transportation, logistics and warehousing sectors in the United Kingdom have experienced a challenging business environment with high operating costs and increased competition. Despite the challenges; however, there are significant growth opportunities to increase margins by taking advantage of new technological developments in order to achieve long-term business sustainability and create new avenues for revenue growth

  2. AVC’s ‘End2end Reverse Logistics’ Program Converts Returns Into Profit

    AVC, the custom retail packaging, 3PL and reverse logistics service provider makes it easier for businesses to handle returns with its ‘End2End Reverse Logistics’ program

  3. Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc. Acquires Fore Transportation, Inc.

    Universal Logistics Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: ULH), a leading asset-light provider of customized transportation and logistics solutions, announced today its acquisition of Fore Transportation, Inc. ("Fore Transportation").

  4. Camelot 3PL Software Releases Express WMS For Growing 3PLs

    Camelot 3PL Software, a pioneer in 3PL warehousing software, today announced the launch of Express WMS, giving startups and smaller 3PL warehouse businesses increased efficiency and greater control in managing their operations

  5. Unique Carriers Unveils New Version Of Cloud Logistics Shipping Dashboard

    Unique Carriers Inc is spearheading the innovation in the provision of the next-generation transportation management systems with its smart, simple and customizable logistics solutions for companies of any size

  6. ShipStation Adds Selery To Its Fulfillment / 3PL Program

    ShipStation, the leading web-based e-commerce shipping solution, today announced the addition of Selery to its Fulfillment program. Selery, which specializes in warehousing and fulfillment for e-commerce companies, is funded by Mark Cuban Companies and does fulfillment for many companies who have appeared on ABC’s The Shark Tank

  7. Bourque Logistics Announces Blockchain Project

    Bourque Logistics, the leader in rail logistics systems for more than 29 years, announces its first blockchain project to explore the application of this new technology for its rail shipper clients.

  8. Seldat Technology Services Announces WMS360™, Warehouse Management System Launch

    Seldat Technology Services announces the general availability of WMS360™, a proprietary warehouse management system developed for the modern supply chain

  9. M&W Distribution Services Chooses 3Gtms Transportation Management System

    3Gtms, Inc., a global provider of Tier 1 transportation management software, announced today that M&W Distribution Services, Inc. has selected its 3G-TM transportation management system (TMS) to support the growth of its managed transportation services

  10. HeyPayless Builds GSNS: A Next-Gen Logistic Mobile App

    The world of logistics is ready for innovation. HeyPayless, a software development company, has revolutionized the way logistics and supply chain management is carried out with a mobile delivery app called GSNS