1. The Right Rx For Label Accuracy

    Where accurate labeling is critical, Mangar Medical Packaging uses SATO America CL4e Series thermal barcode printers for an effective print-on-demand medical device labeling solution.

  2. Is Android Enterprise-Ready?

    The ability to remotely manage an install base of devices running the Android™ OS is the foundation of Honeywell’s approach to solving the associated business concerns. Currently, there are multiple third party companies that focus on building remote management and security solutions for Android™.

  3. Noble Automates Delivery Processes And Improves POD Capability With Handheld Computer Solution

    This case study from Intermec takes a look at Noble, a wholesale supplier of plumbing, HVAC, hydronics, industrial, building maintenance, and fire protection products, as they are searching for a way to improve their proof of delivery capabilities and automate their shipping and receiving process.

  4. Are Smartphones And Tablets Suitable For Use In Warehouse And Distribution Center Operations?

    This white paper from Honeywell takes a look at the widespread popularity of Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and Android-operated cellphones and tablets and their growing acceptance as a practical and relevant technology for use in the workplace.

  5. Nacex Selects The Intermec CS40 For Its New Service – Nacex.shop

    This case study from Intermec takes a look at Nacex, a Logista Group Company that specializes in parcel and courier services. Nacex is in need of new scanning and signature capture technology for their new Nacex.shop service.

  6. Ensuring The Safe Transportation Of Critical Milk For Twin Infants

    As a professional working in the Pharmaceutical Research and Development industry, Mrs. Tan was also a mother of twins. She found herself in search of a safe and secure means to transport expressed breast milk across Asian borders to her infants back home. By Linda Kim, General Manager, Marken Korea

  7. Goods-To-Person Order Fulfillment Poses A Radical Shift In Thinking For Many DC Executives

    The growing popularity of goods-to-person picking methods represents a dramatic change in perspective for most logistics executives
    when compared to the traditional person-to-goods picking paradigm.
    For many executives, grasping the implications of goods-to-person fulfillment and assessing its technologies within their DC operations has been challenging,
    particularly with the recent proliferation of new systems and technology offerings.

  8. Just The Ticket - Sand Springs Police Department Implements Handheld Mobile Computers To Improve Officer Productivity And Safety

    To serve and protect is just one of the many things the Sand Springs Police Department (SSPD) is tasked with on a daily basis. As the department’s officers report to work each day, citations are just one of the many ways they keep their population of 19,000 safe.

  9. Automating The Fleet - Earhart Petroleum Improves Visibility Into Its Fleet Operations With Vehicle Mount Computers And Rugged Handhelds

    Earhart Petroleum had several goals they hoped to achieve as a result of the technology investment. They looked to improve delivery efficiency (as measured by gallons delivered per truck/per day) by 20 percent, minimize inventory shrinkage, reduce staff overtime and improve invoice turnaround time by three business days.

  10. Equipped To Deliver - Therapy Support Streamlines Inventory Management, Billing, Dispatch, And More With Mobile Computers

    Therapy Support delivers durable medical equipment such as hospital beds, oxygen concentrators, and wheelchairs to customers throughout Missouri, Ohio, Michigan and Texas.