1. How DSC Helped Sara Lee Branded Apparel Meet Peak Seasonal Demand

    To meet the demands of selling seasonal sportswear (sweats and shorts) to mass merchants, Sara Lee Branded Apparel (SLBA) decided it made sense to outsource.

  2. Ultra High-Volume Handbag Importer Tags, Packages, Labels, And Ships Within 48 Hours

    Ultra high-volume handbag importer tags, packages, labels and ships within 48 hours.

  3. Fighting Return Fraud

    It's after Christmas and consumers are lined up at stores to return merchandise- the scratchy sweater from Aunt Helen, the toaster oven that doesn't fit on the counter. But not all returns are legitimate and return fraud costs Retailers billions of dollars every year- $8.9 billion dollars according to the 2012 Return Fraud survey conducted by the National Retail Federation (NRF).

  4. Maximizing Your Operation With High Ribbon Capacity Printers

    Many consumers are unaware of the variety of label and ribbon roll sizes for thermal printers.The maximum label and ribbon capacities are important specs when selecting a printer. This white paper will identify the benefits of thermal printers engineered to handle larger rolls, including the financial and operational efficiencies.

  5. Before Good Blood Goes Bad: Strategies To Saving Valuable Resources

    In the United States each year, nearly 11 million volunteers donate some 17 million units of whole blood and red blood cells, but much of that safe, transfuseable blood – about 2 percent – is discarded.

  6. How DSC Helped DowBrands Achieve Cost Efficiency And Exceed All Other Goals

    It’s amazing what can happen when you forge a true partnership with a company you can trust.

  7. There’s No Place For Human Error: Automating Logistics For Incubation Hold Of Healthcare Products

    When you’re manufacturing and shipping a product that affects people’s lives, you’ve got to get it right. There’s no room for error in the process of getting the product to your customers.

  8. Health Care Supply Chain Requires Regulatory Expertise And Execution

    In the U.S. health care supply chain, before a medical device or drug can be shipped -- state and county licenses must be secured, FDA Quality Systems regulations must be complied with, and accreditations must be earned. The health care supply chain plays a key role in patient safety by ensuring the integrity of products from the time they are manufactured to the time they are delivered to a health care provider or patient.

  9. C.H. Briggs Builds A Better Relationship With Its Customers

    This case study from Infor takes a look at C.H. Briggs, one of the largest independently-owned distributors of specialty building materials on the east coast of the United States. C.H. Briggs has grown from a small business to now providing over 40,000 products from more than 200 suppliers, serving thousands of customers.

  10. Hisco Finds Fast ROI At Lowest Cost With Infor F9

    This customer profile from Infor takes a look at Hisco, a leading distributor of electronic and industrial materials including abrasives, adhesives, chemicals, safety and packaging goods, and tools. Hisco wanted to replace their complex and labor-intensive SAP financial reporting application, be able to quickly and easily build financial statements and create financial reports and ad hoc reports, and obtain drill-down capabilities and be able to create a template for board of directors reporting.