Article | May 15, 2014

Why Monitoring Cold Chain Data Is Not Enough

Source: Dyzle

By Nitin Dahad, Dyzle

In the cold chain logistics industry there’s a huge change happening. Lots of data is being gathered by wirelessly connected data loggers, sensors and monitoring equipment. This is sometimes referred to as real-time monitoring or ‘near real-time’ monitoring. Having all this information is great, and this may contribute to GDP and GMP guidelines for food and pharmaceutical industries, but having too much data may also pose challenges if not managed properly.

For temperature-sensitive products, it is important to have complete detailed history of the products as they travel through the logistics supply chain and in storage. With the continuous monitoring that is enabled by the technology available today, for large fleets and distribution networks, this potentially generates huge sets of data (often called ‘big data’ in today’s software industry).