News | January 17, 2024

Veryable Announces The Launch Of New Workforce Management Tool For Manufacturing And Logistics

This tool offers a suite of features aimed at improving labor planning processes and reducing operational costs.

Veryable, a leader in the on-demand labor marketplace, today announced the release of its new Workforce Management tool (WFM), designed to address the challenges faced by manufacturing and logistics companies.

Tailored Solution for Manufacturing and Logistics
Understanding the specific needs of the manufacturing and logistics sectors, WFM offers a comprehensive solution for labor planning. "Our tool is unique in its focus on manufacturing and logistics companies. It's developed to support businesses in improving efficiency in a competitive market," says Adam Rubatt, Director of Operations Intelligence at Veryable.

Key Features of WFM

  • Real-Time Data: Provides up-to-date information on attendance and production, allowing for accurate tracking of on-site worker count.
  • Labor Suggestions: Offers insights into labor needs in different operational areas to balance labor effectively.
  • Mobile Communications: Facilitates communication with the workforce for shift management.
  • Operational Analytics: Delivers custom worker and building-level metrics for performance analysis.
  • Schedule Management: Enables automated schedule creation for employees with the flexibility for adjustments.

A Strategic Tool for Senior Operations Executives, HR, and IT Directors
WFM serves as a strategic asset for Senior Executives in Operations, HR Directors, and IT Directors, aiding them in making informed, data-driven decisions for optimizing workforce allocation.

Veryable's Workforce Management tool, WFM, is now available for implementation. For more information and to request a demo, visit

About Veryable
Founded in 2016, Veryable's mission is to revitalize American manufacturing. The company's on-demand labor marketplace helps businesses adapt to supply chain changes and scale while maintaining lower fixed labor costs. Veryable's approach is aimed at transforming the labor market to stimulate national productivity and growth.

Source: Veryable, Inc.