TruckStops Routing and Scheduling System

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With more than 2,400 TruckStops systems sold worldwide, TruckStops is the world's most widely used routing and scheudling software. The powerful, easy-to-use system will help you to cut your transportation costs and increase driver productivity while improving customer service.

With TruckStops®, users report cost savings of 10% to 30% on average, from reduced mileage and route time, as well as other productivity gains including less time spent routing and reduced fleet size. The system can be used for long-term strategic planning to help determine fleet size and location, for daily, weekly or monthly dynamic routing or a combination.

TruckStops considers information about your operation, whether pickups, deliveries or mixed - including data on:


    - Time windows
    - Quantity to be picked up and/or delivered
    - Unload rates/Time spent at customer location
    - Special requirements


    - Capacities
    - Work and drive times (DOT Regulations?)
    - Vehicle availability - Special equipment on vehicles

Other Considerations

    - Do you make overnight runs or multiple-day trips?
    - Do loads need to be consolidated?
    - Do you use Common Carriers, LTL, Private Fleet or a combination?
    - Do you service customers out of multiple locations?

Once TruckStops has your input data, it uses its powerful algorithm to determine the most cost efficient order in which to service your customers. You can use the flexible customizable reports, graphics and Gantt Charts to review the routes, make manual or last minute changes, and output the results. Because you can input and output data through ASCII or Excel files, or by utilizing our ODBC connectivity, importing and exporting is a simple, straightforward process that helps you integrate TruckStops with systems already in place.