Datasheet | February 5, 2009

Symbol XR480: RFID Fixed Readers

Source: Datex

Building on the tested and proven platform of the XR400, the XR480 Gen 2 reader from Symbol Technologies offers maximum functionality for large-scale RFID deployments. This strategic platform is designed to help enterprises achieve competitive advantage by increasing inventory visibility and process efficiency to effectively reduce costs and improve profitability. Reliable and efficient tag reading in dense RF environments eliminates interference issues associated with multiple RFID readers in close proximity. The standards-based XR480 enables seamless integration and interoperability with your existing IT infrastructure. Robust RFID functionality includes support for standard back-end platforms, direct application hosting, and the ability to interact with additional asset automation equipment — such as forklifts and conveyor belts. With support for the ETSI EN 302 208 standard, the XR480 is the only commercially available EPC-compliant reader in Europe based on the Windows® CE operating system and with support for up to eight read points, increasing the flexibility and reducing the complexity of RFID implementations. The XR Series readers also support IBM's WebSphere® RFID Device Infrastructure (WRDI) as an option, providing an embedded Java platform that enables robust integration with enterprise IT environments.