Datasheet | February 5, 2009

Symbol XR400: RFID Fixed Readers

Source: Datex

Symbol's XR400 is a multi-protocol RFID fixed reader designed to function as part of a complete RFID system for accurately tracking the location and status of inventory and assets across your enterprise. Whether in a distribution center, on the manufacturing floor or in a store front, the XR400 gives you the ability to read, update and transfer RFID tag information in real time to your enterprise systems.

The XR400 reader has been certified for Generation (Gen) 2 compliance by EPCglobal™, an international, not-for-profit standards organization. This high-performing reader provides full support for the increased capabilities offered by Gen 2 such as key performance, capacity, security and RF efficiency advantages. In addition, the XR400's flexible design insures you have the best performance whether you are deploying Gen 2 tags or migrating from Gen 1 to Gen 2.