Newsletter | April 12, 2005

4.12.05 -- Speed Up Your Entire Logistics Process With Bar Code Technology

April 12,
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D/C EXPO 2005
Whether you are looking for the complete supply chain system or any application in your supply chain, you will find it at the Distribution/Computer EXPO 2005. Meet the leading vendors of products for all supply chain applications including: logistics, distribution, transportation, TMS, warehousing, WMS, RFID, supply chain management, and much more.

Looking for a TMS solution? Just tell us what you are trying to locate and we will do the rest.
Featured Articles
The Metric System: How To Apply The Metrics You Collect To Achieve Maximum Results
Performance metrics alone are no guarantee of results — to really improve, you've got to apply the information you collect. Submitted by WERC

TMS Solutions On The Move
Automating transportation management operations can provide big paybacks. Just make sure you get the TMS (transportation management system) solution you need — and can afford. Used with permission from Integrated Solutions magazine

How To Make Your ROI Analysis Work For You
Perhaps you are reviewing your company's distribution operations to determine whether a warehouse management system (WMS) may be a fit. Maybe you've been pushing for a WMS and have now been authorized to move forward with the project. Regardless of the reason, it is essential that you first develop a return on investment (ROI) estimate before considering a WMS project. Submitted by Cornerstone

Bar Code Technology Speeds Up Entire Logistics Process For Regional Trucking Company
A regional trucking company for perishable goods had a well-organized distribution center. The warehouse was about 142,000 square feet, with many state-of-the-art features like humidified rooms, ripening rooms, and shelving based on case height. The physical layout of the plant had significantly reduced problems like throwaway inventory, etc., but certain problems were not entirely fixed, and were costing the company quite a bit of money. Submitted by Datamax Corporation

Top News Stories
Intermec Gains Speech Recognition Support with SyVox Speech IDK
Siemens Brings Logistics Automation To Direct Marketing Giant Blair Increasing Throughput, Reducing Order-To-Delivery Time And Labor Costs
Featured Products
MobileLAN Access WA22
MobileLAN access WA22 is the next-generation dual radio access point that accommodates radios operating on both 802.11a and 802.11b RF bands. Dual-radio access points provide easy, cost-effective migration paths to the 54 Mbps 802.11a technology while supporting 802.11b clients, offering unparalleled flexibility when designing or expanding wireless communication networks. Request more information on MobileLAN Access WA22.

Dolphin 7200 Mobile Computer
Ergonomically designed for both right- and left-handed use, the Dolphin 7200 is available with a variety of integrated scanning options for exceptional performance on all major linear bar code symbologies. Request more information or receive a quote.

Symbol MC3000 Mobile Computer
The MC3000 from Symbol Technologies is a small, yet rugged mobile computer that's made for store and stockroom applications requiring high-quality data capture and excellent performance. With a superior feature set, the MC3000 facilitates better inventory management and increased employee productivity. Tell us about the application you are considering and we will show you how Symbol Technologies can help.

RedPrairie Transportation Management Solutions
RedPrairie's transportation management solutions help to manage the dynamics and costs of global transportation in real time. These solutions also simplify international trade processes and compliance, provide optimal deployment and balancing of transportation resources, and enable processes and analytics for optimal cost reduction and margin improvement. Request more information or schedule a consultation.

Featured Download
Q & A: Investing In Mobile And Wireless
Without a doubt, developing a new mobile and wireless system or upgrading an existing application is a huge undertaking. The goal of this guide is to alleviate some of the concerns you may have and provide you with some questions to help you select the best mobile computer and development partners. Submitted by Hand Held Products
Featured Book
Global Logistics And Distribution Planning: Strategies For Management
Industry Events
Product Collaboration For The Rest Of Us
Tune in to this special executive broadcast taped from the show floor at National Manufacturing Week to learn how the very opposite of a niche application, the ubiquitous free Adobe Reader, can be the starting point for secure design collaboration with business partners.
This Webinar entitled, "Do You Know Where Your Parts Are? Lean Logistics for the Automotive Industry," is scheduled for Wednesday, April 20, 2005, at 10:00 a.m. EST. Complimentary registration for the AutoKnow Webinar is available.
The WERC conference provides the tools you need to improve your operations, enhance your career, and increase your warehousing knowledge. Hear from expert speakers and exchange ideas with your peers.
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