News | February 27, 2007

Shipping Solution: INTTRA Introduces Desktop File Master For Shipping Instructions

New software simplifies the process of creating Shipping Instructions for shippers and forwarders, automatically importing customer data and reducing manual data entry

INTTRA unveiled new software, INTTRA Desktop File Master for Shipping Instructions, giving shippers and forwarders a tool to make it easier than ever to transfer information from a company's own system into INTTRA Desktop - streamlining the process of submitting electronic shipping instructions to all ocean carriers.

INTTRA is the largest e-commerce platform for the ocean industry enabling all shippers and forwarders to reach all carriers. With 23 of the world's largest ocean carriers as member carriers, INTTRA initiates more than 150,000 container orders a week and handles over $11 billion worth of ocean freight each year.

INTTRA Desktop is the preferred PC based tool for shippers and forwarders who want to use one standard process for submitting electronic shipping instructions (SI's) to multiple carriers. Shippers choose the Desktop solution because it provides an easy-to-use interface and streamlines their shipment processes. The new features now offered by Desktop File Master will further simplify the process.

"Desktop File Master supports a growing need by shippers and forwarders to more easily integrate shipping instructions data from their own systems with ocean carriers, all without incurring the cost of updating their systems or investing in more costly EDI integration with each carrier," says Charles Rowe, INTTRA's Product Manager for Desktop. "Desktop File Master is a powerful tool that enables users to quickly transform data from their systems into INTTRA's industry-standard multi-carrier SI format, eliminating manual data entry, saving time and improving data accuracy."

Superior features enhance the INTTRA Desktop experience:

Easy to Set-up and Upgrade - Desktop File Master for Shipping Instructions will be available shortly in CD format or downloaded from Existing Desktop users can add the File Master software without having to change their current Desktop set-up. New Desktop users will be required to download the INTTRA Desktop software first, before downloading the File Master module.

Create multiple shipping instructions from a single file - this feature speeds the SI creation process, eliminating the need to create one shipping instruction at a time.

Improved data quality - Source data is checked against INTTRA Desktop validation rules to ensure transferred data is accurate, saving time and reducing errors.

Easy to use - Users can merge data with an existing SI template to reduce re-keying of data, saving time creating new SI's.

Multi-carrier - Desktop File Master supports a single process for submitting shipping instructions to the INTTRA carrier network or to any carrier that accepts shipping instructions using INTTRA Universal Carrier Access feature.

Global Help and Support - Users are supported by INTTRA global 24/7 telephone and email support operation based in major centers around the world. In addition, support includes real-time LiveChat, Monday-Friday, to answer questions about installing and using the software.

"INTTRA's goal has always been to streamline and standardize the process of doing business between all supply chain participants. This new software extends the reach of the Desktop platform between all supply chain participants that have their own systems, do not have EDI connectivity available, but want an efficient way of transferring data from their system to their carriers," says Charles Rowe, INTTRA Product Manager. "INTTRA Desktop File Master provides a new tool to extend the value of multi-carrier e-commerce capability using industry-standard Desktop software."

Michael Nielsen, INTTRA's SVP of Global Commercial Sales says, "Desktop File Master helps boost INTTRA's mission to support the ocean industry and provide shippers and forwarders with standardized connectivity to all ocean carriers. With INTTRA it's no longer necessary to have multiple direct connections to carriers."

INTTRA, founded in 2000 and headquartered in Parsippany, N.J., is a leading global provider of e-commerce solutions to ocean carriers and their customers. INTTRA professionals work with customers to streamline and standardize their shipping processes, applying their e-commerce knowledge of the shipping industry for customers in markets worldwide.

INTTRA's e-commerce platform offers a comprehensive range of e-commerce tools, including: Tender, Sailing Schedules, Booking, Shipping Instructions, Bill of Lading, Track & Trace, and Reports. Accessing the INTTRA platform is simple, using any combination of their channel solutions: INTTRA-Link (EDI-based, system-to-system connection), INTTRA-Desktop (off-line PC application), or INTTRA-Act (web-based application).

INTTRA's carrier network includes, Alianca, ANL, CMA CGM, CSAV, CSAV NORASIA, DAL, Deutsche Afrika-Linien, Emirates Shipping Line, FANZL, Hamburg Sud, Hapag-Lloyd, Hyundai Merchant Marine, "K" Line, Libra, Maersk Line, MCC Transport Pte Ltd., MISC, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A., NYK Line, Safmarine, Senator Lines and United Arab Shipping Company. The INTTRA carrier network represents over 63 percent of the container capacity among the world's top ocean carriers.

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