Sales And Operations Planning Software

Source: Gray Research
We offer the most comprehensive software available for S&OP.
How would you like to spot future trends in your business while there is still time to do something about them? Do you ever have mismatches between what you can sell and what you are producing? Have you ever made major marketing plans only to be let down by problems in key resources? Do all the people in your company - sales and marketing, materials and manufacturing, finance, human resources, engineering and new product development - all work from the same set of numbers?

We offer the most comprehensive software available for S&OP. And we are offering it, alone or in combination with our consulting and education products, to help you get started or to improve your existing process.


  • Five Step S&OP Process
  • Unlimited planning calendar, past and future data
  • Data in units, dollars, hours
  • Rough cut projections for production, sales, inventory resources
  • Financial projections and consolidations
  • Comprehensive demand, inventory, production planning
  • Simulation of different production or inventory scenarios
  • Multi-level planning bills of material for hierarchical forecasting and planning
  • Alternate financial standards can be substituted for dollars.
  • Alternate measures of capacity can be substituted for hours
  • Full fiscal year projections monitor variances to the Business Plan.
  • Sales Plan worksheets store documented assumptions, explanations of deviations in performance, and the impact of new product trials.
  • Financial consolidation worksheets include profit projections
  • Inventory projections include quantities, days and turns.
  • Rough cut capacity planning displays show required capacity, and rolling 3 month average
  • Capacity required is compared to demonstrated and maximum capacity, and the percentage capacity utilization is calculated and displayed as part of the rough cut capacity plan.

Available standalone or in combination with consulting and education.

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