News | November 14, 2017

Route4Me Is The World's First And Fastest Dynamic Route Optimization

Route4Me’s Dynamic Route Optimization Technology helps businesses of all sizes effortlessly save time, increase profits and boost growth.

Route4Me is the world’s most user-friendly and downloaded route optimization solution on the market. Simple and easy to use, the first-of-its-kind route planning software lets users plan, share, manage and drive optimized vehicle routes in a matter of seconds by accessing Route4Me’s smartphone application or online platform. Fully Cloud-based, Route4Me’s Dynamic Route Optimization Technology helps businesses of all sizes save time, increase profits and boost growth; easily scaling to accommodate for any number of routes or stops per route.

Combining the latest technological advancements and years of experience, Route4Me enables businesses to optimize more than 60,000,000 routes and track more than 20,000,000 device location updates per year; securing its place as the world’s most downloaded mobile multi-stop route planning software.

On average, Route4Me reduces fuel consumption from 20 percent to 39 percent and planning time to less than 10 minutes per day. Many businesses report time savings of up to 20 hours per week. Route4Me’s mobile application has been downloaded over a million times from the Apple and Android marketplaces since its inception in 2009.

Benefit Highlights:

  • Saves hours of daily route planning time;
  • Reduces operating costs by up to 39 percent;
  • Eliminates early morning chaos;
  • Optimizes route planning;
  • Increases profits;
  • Improves customer satisfaction;
  • Increases productivity;
  • Boosts control of driver activities;
  • Reduces greenhouse gasses.

Route4Me is currently available in four versions: Enterprise, Small Business, Independent Professional and Mobile Route Planning. Typical applications include field sales, courier services, landscaping, inspections, home services and fleet management.

Feature Highlights:

  • Individual driver routing;
  • Unlimited users/drivers;
  • Distributed team routing;
  • Reporting/analytics;
  • iPhone, iPad, Android synchronization;
  • Projected ETAs;
  • Customer mapping;
  • Real-time tracking and breadcrumbs;
  • Automatic route eliminator;
  • Real-time dynamic ETAs;
  • Unlimited routes;
  • Unlimited sign-on glass electronic signatures;
  • Team management;
  • CVS and GPS file export;
  • Visual route timeline.

Route4Me was the first dynamic routing company to release mobile applications on the iPhone, iPad, and Android simultaneously.

About Route4Me, Inc.
Founded in 2009 and now with over 3,000 customers worldwide, Route4Me, Inc. provides the world’s most-used dynamic route sequencing and optimization software platform for small and medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 enterprises. Highly intuitive and easy to use, the Route4Me platform allows customers to create, share, manage, track and drive optimized routes in a matter of seconds using the company’s web-browser software-as-a-service (SaaS), RESTful API and Smartphone apps. Route4Me was the first route optimization company to release native iOS and Android apps simultaneously and reach over 1 million downloads. The apps are consistently ranked Top 10 highest grossing apps in the Navigation category in both app stores. Completely cloud-based, Route4Me is ideal for fleets of any size, parcel and service delivery, ecommerce, territory management, GPS-tracking, final-mile optimization, dynamic routing, and supports API integration with any CRM, TMS, WMS and ISV. For more information, visit

SOURCE: Route4Me, Inc.