Datasheet | June 26, 2008

Solution Overview: Domino — RFID-Enabled Data Center Management

Source: Domino Integrated Solutions Group

Domino Integrated Solutions Group, a global systems integrator of proven, practical data collection solutions, provides a full range of RFID systems that focus on enabling increased asset visibility and enhanced data center security.

Domino ISG solutions offer real-time asset tracking, easily accessed physical inventories and automated report generation for federal compliance mandates. Our System Analysts perform comprehensive tests that provide a complete analysis of all physical and technical requirements for the unique Data Center environment.

Domino ISG systems include all necessary RFID enabled hardware, software and services to optimize IT asset productivity.

Domino ISG provides real-time traffic control that eliminates the delays, errors, and omissions of manual tracking. Our asset tracking systems automatically monitors movements at portals, entry points and racks as assets move throughout the facility.

A data center offers unique challenges to RFID - high metal content, airflow and the footprint of the facility. Domino ISG understands this and the multiple different RFID technologies to easily and effectively overcome this challenge in an IT environment.

Domino ISG systems provide methods for:

  • Automating IT processes to optimize costs
  • Creating repeatable processes to identify and track IT equipment
  • Accurately and efficiently locating IT assets
  • Physically locating assets for compliance reporting