RF Navigator

Source: Majure Data, Inc.
RF Navigator is a flexible WMS designed for maximum return on investment
RF Navigator is a flexible WMS designed for maximum return on investment. Whether you handle raw materials, WIP materials, or finished goods, RF Navigator offers the functionality you need to move away from a "firefighting" operation toward consistently superior customer service. The system manages your material flow from receiving through shipping (click here to review RF Navigator's Features & Functions). Because RF Navigator has configurable workflow parameters that allow you to tailor the software to your operations, modifications are kept to a minimum.

Each time you lose material in your warehouse or waste time searching for product, you lose money. Poor accuracy and low productivity have a direct impact on your company's bottom line. You need the control and visibility that are possible only through a real-time warehouse management system (WMS) like Majure Data's RF Navigator. We've designed RF Navigator around sound, intelligent warehousing/distribution management technology. Our goal is to provide a WMS that will be your supply chain's technological foundation for years to come.

RF Navigator has a proven blend of functionality that provides quick return on investment. The average payback period for RF Navigator is 9-15 months. Along with "hard dollar" benefits such as improved accuracy and productivity, the WMS offers "soft dollar" gains in the way of better information and greater control of resources.

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