News | August 30, 2019 Provides Freight Exchange Services To The Road Transport Industry In The UK

The UK's leading online haulage marketplace,, provides freight exchange services to haulage companies, logistics providers, freight forwarders and transport companies. These services help haulage, courier, logistics companies and freight forwarders to reduce their expensive empty runs by discovering backloads quickly and easily. With over 90,000 loads every month, brings haulage and courier operators together to help them operate more efficiently, more productively and more profitably.

At, members are able to advertise their available loads or drivers, matching return journeys with delivery loads to the same destination. By matching up loads with drivers, it effectively saves one complete round trip, with one vehicle used to complete two full jobs. Therefore, use and find all the loads, backloads and empty vehicles you need to increase your business efficiency and maximize profits.

A representative from stated, "Unlike most freight exchange websites not only connects courier companies and haulage companies to freight forwarders but also connects them directly to manufacturers and commercial businesses that have haulage work available. This helps to create a much larger and more efficient network where more haulage loads, full loads and backloads are available as well as courier jobs and general van work." gives transport and haulage companies the chance to advertise and find return loads, back loads, regular haulage work, get haulage contracts and courier loads including full loads, part loads and van loads. From self-employed couriers looking for owner driver work all the way up to international haulage companies with thousands of vehicles, has helped all of them to improve their business efficiency and increase revenue whilst reducing empty running.

About is a haulage exchange and freight exchange website powered by one of the world's most advanced computerised load matching systems. is the country's fastest growing load matching network and currently averages over 3,000 live loads and hundreds of empty haulage vehicles on offer daily. They are now the most active UK freight exchange and haulage exchange, saving haulage companies, transport companies and couriers millions of wasted miles and unnecessary fuel emissions for the environment. For more information, visit