RedPrairie Transportation Management Solutions

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RedPrairie Transportation Management Solutions
RedPrairie Transportation Management solutions automate the transportation tasks and bring better visibility to the entire set of order fulfillment activities in play at any moment. They connect multiple parties and business processes throughout the broader supply chain, while continuously optimizing all transport variables, bringing organizational efficiencies, and thus, cost reductions.

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Transportation Management: Solutions, Systems, and Software

The nature of transportation management has changed. New demands and different priorities have arisen, changing the way goods are moved and driving up costs.

  • Leaner inventory and just-in-time delivery have resulted in more frequent shipments
  • Doing business globally has increased the need for international shipping
  • Security and environmental concerns have become more important
  • Greater network complexity has made selecting the right carriers more challenging

To succeed in this environment, you must be able to respond quickly to events as they occur. Inaccurate forecasts and outdated information can no longer drive transportation decisions. You need the ability to plan up to the very last minute. You need to manage shipments globally. You need to know what is happening at all times. In short, you need more control.

From planning and optimization to execution and settlement – RedPrairie helps you manage transportation more effectively.

A Complete Software System

RedPrairie Transportation Management software streamlines all aspects of the transportation cycle – enabling you to build, route, tender, and assign shipments automatically. Rich Collaboration Tools accelerate the flow of information between carriers, customers, suppliers, 3PLs, and exchanges. Global Compliance and Global Trade Management let you move goods safely and economically across borders and through international trade lanes. And Yard Management and Dock Scheduling help you get carriers in and out of your facilities quickly.

Optimized Planning and Execution -Transportation procurement, routing and freight settlement
Global Trade Management -Moving goods internationally
Fleet Management - Keeping local pickup and delivery operations running smoothly
Parcel -Efficient parcel shipment operations are more important than ever

Clear Benefits

RedPrairie enables organizations with thousands of shipments per day and extensive distribution networks to move freight more efficiently. Our Transportation Management software:

  • Delivers real-time planning, optimization, and execution across all modes of transportation
  • Eases planning for oversized shipments that require multiple loads or trucks to deliver
  • Selects the most appropriate carrier for each shipment based on contractual commitments, available capacity, and past performance
  • Automates load tendering (accept/decline) to prioritized carrier lists via EDI and Internet
  • Captures complete shipment history for analytic analysis of performance and costs

Logistics professionals have to control costs while balancing service commitments to internal and external customers. The transportation management systems they use should make the job easier.

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Product Sheet: RedPrairie Transportation Management