Profit Tools Operations License

Source: Profit Tools, Inc.
Profit Tools Operations License
Operations is the primary Profit Tools module and forms the core of the system
Operations is the primary Profit Tools module and forms the core of the system. Functions include contact management, order entry, shipment summary, basic freight dispatch, basic rating, load builder, employee/user files, history/search, mileage interface, summary reports, shipment and customer notes, and more. Every concurrent user requires, at minimum, an Operations license to access the system. Many users, particularly those performing front office functions, will only require Operations, making it a very cost-effective way to extend Profit Tools capabilities to as many users as can benefit from its use. All other licenses, such as Dispatch, Billing, and Settlements, require an Operations license.

Data entry is rapid due to a variety of shortcuts, and the screens are intuitive and easy to learn and use. There is never a need to enter the same information more than once. The Search function enables users to find, view, sort, and filter lists of current and past shipments and to format them into reports. Access management permits the system manager to control, by username and password, access restrictions and permissions to various functions and data. A glance at the color-coded shipment summary screen enables users to size up the status of active shipments, and to modify the view with various sort/display options. The company information screen handles contact information, billing and credit status.

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