Article | May 22, 2014

Plugging India Into The Global Cold Chain With Effective Monitoring, Compliance And Registration

Source: Dyzle

India is a hot topic in the food industry currently, as a result of the EU imposing a ban on the import of mangoes from the country due to quality issues. India is one of the largest producers of mangoes, as well as items like milk, bananas, fruit and vegetables. It is also one of the largest global exporters of meat and poultry, and third largest producer of fish. Food isn’t the only sector with such impressive statistics – India is also the third largest pharmaceutical producer, at about eight percent of global production.

On the issue of the mangoes, one minister in the UK has said it was up to exporters in India to improve their processes and meet the criteria for export to the EU. He said that the key action resides with the exporters, in their ability to demonstrate that what they are exporting meets the criteria that the EU needs to have confidence in.