News | December 18, 2020

Overhaul Empowers Shippers & Logistics Providers With Real-Time Visibility Around Brexit-Related Delays

Dundalk, Ireland /PRNewswire/ - Overhaul, a real-time global supply chain visibility and risk management technology provider, has now enhanced their solution with data around Brexit-related delays to help shippers and logistics providers dealing with the ongoing changes. The company already offers informational overlays with global data on border crossings and airport delays.

Businesses all across the UK and their customers are being severely impacted. The current delays are already significantly disrupting business and causing frustration for consumers already tired of the supply chain delays that the pandemic has caused.

Not only are arrival times being delayed, but cargo is forced to wait immobile and unattended for long durations. As stationary cargo is a draw for criminals, especially when they are already active at this time of year, security threats are rising.

Overhaul, an Austin, Texas-based company with a Dundalk, Ireland European headquarters, provides global shippers and logistics companies with intelligence-driven risk management and real-time supply chain visibility solutions. The Overhaul Sentinel platform offers logistical insights and real-time situational context, enabling risk management.

The latest contextual data overlay added to the platform now details Brexit-related port delays. With Overhaul's solution, logistics providers and shippers will have enhanced visibility into real-time ETAs. Improved ETA timeframes improve business decisions and customer satisfaction. In addition to this benefit, shippers and logistics companies have active real-time visibility and the ability to digitally lock cargo in place, effectively minimizing security risks.

"Overhaul's technology allows actionable visualization of supply chain disruption, as innovators we want to ensure our customers are given data that can provide operational value. Keeping customers updated on supply chain flows, ETAs or any delays enables proactive planning and management," says David Broe, Overhaul's Chief Financial Officer.

With a year that has marked severe disruptions in global trade, Overhaul's technology solution has provided supply chains worldwide with much-needed risk management, visibility, and integrity.

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Overhaul provides an integrity and risk management platform that proactively protects and optimizes supply chain ecosystems. The company provides intelligence-driven risk management and real-time visibility software for global shippers and logistics providers. Learn more at

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