News | March 5, 2019

OLIMP Announces The Launch Of An Online Service For The Warehousing And Freight Transportation Industries

Technology startup OLIMP has announced the launch of an online platform for cross-docking, daily warehousing on demand and last mile delivery services.

Chicago, IL /PRNewswire/ - Chicago startup OLIMP announced the official launch of an online service for the warehousing and freight transportation industries. Since March 1st, OLIMP's service is in open beta-testing. According to Vlad Gasnikov, OLIMP CEO & Founder, several hundred warehouses have already joined OLIMP'snationwide network.

"OLIMP offers clients a unique combination of services at the junction of daily warehousing, cross-docking on demand, last mile delivery and fulfillment. We are working from one pallet and one day storage on demand," – Vlad Gasnikov explains competitive advantages of the service.

In the beginning of 2019, OLIMP attracted new members to the team. Among them is former LinkedIn enterprise relationship manager Andy Seidl who will take the VP Sales & Customer Success position.

OLIMP opens a seed round to raise $2,000,000 for R&D and to expand the OLIMP nationwide network of partner warehouses.

For the information: Currently in the USA there are 300,000 warehouses making up 13 billion square feet of storage. There are also 3.5 million trucks and the warehousing and freight industries have a $1.3 market cap.

About OLIMP:
OLIMP - Organization Logistics Improvement to Mutual Performance - is a platform that connects shippers and carriers to provides cross docking, on demand warehousing and last mile delivery. OLIMP uses artificial intelligence to assist in the connection process and forecast demand.

OLIMP was established in 2018 by Vlad Gasnikov and Igor Volchenko – two professionals with 25-years multifunctional experience work in freight transportation, IT, and logistic management.

OLIMP offers an "Airbnb style" solution for the warehousing and freight transportation industries, connecting all market participants including warehouses, carriers and customers.

Among OLIMP key advantages are:

  • Daily warehousing & cross-docking on demand
  • User-friendly warehouse searching and booking with one click
  • Last mile delivery service on demand
  • Increased warehouse utilization
  • Improved transportation efficiency
  • Rating and review for warehouses
  • Digital paperless solution

OLIMP service:

Corporate information for investors, partners and media:

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