Case Study

Noble Automates Delivery Processes And Improves POD Capability With Handheld Computer Solution

Source: Intermec, Inc.

This case study from Intermec takes a look at Noble, a wholesale supplier of plumbing, HVAC, hydronics, industrial, building maintenance, and fire protection products, as they are searching for a way to improve their proof of delivery capabilities and automate their shipping and receiving process. Noble operates more than 50 branches in the greater Toronto area and is one of the largest wholesalers in all of Ontario. Recent expansion into Quebec and British Columbia has increased the size of their delivery truck fleet to more than 200 vehicles operating with 24 hour service.

To meet their needs, Noble engaged with Nuway Software, a custom software solutions provider, for new solution with improved signature capture and better shipping, receiving, and scanning capabilities. The solution from Nuway came in the form of a fully custom software solution coupled with the Intermec CN50 handheld mobile computer.

In describing the previously used system at Noble, this paper notes, “Under the previous system, Noble’s drivers would deliver products and customers would manually sign for the delivery. Under this paper-based system, a separate employee scanned delivery slips and loaded them into the company’s POD repository after the drivers returned at the end of the day. Often, slips were lost or damaged in the shuffle, and it was a lengthy, time-consuming process.”

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