Case Study

Nacex Selects The Intermec CS40 For Its New Service –

Source: Intermec, Inc.

This case study from Intermec takes a look at Nacex, a Logista Group Company that specializes in parcel and courier services. Nacex has operations in Spain and Portugal with 29 regional centres, 300+ franchises, and 1,400 vehicles. Nacex is in need of new scanning and signature capture technology for their new service. The service allows customers to pick up and drop off parcels from the Nacex franchises along with a numerous other locations.

Nacex, a long-standing Intermec customer, once again turned to Intermec to support their operations. Nacex chose the Intermec CS40 mobile computers as their primary device to support these new services. JSV Informatica y Comunicaciones was selected by Nacex to deploy, integrate, and configure the solution.

The Intermec CS40

Nacex has deployed 750 Intermec CS40 mobile computers to date. Half of these are being used to manage the new service in its new franchises and the remainder used in other areas of the company including picking and delivery applications.

“Nacex has been working with Intermec for many years and its technology and devices, including the CN3 which we already utilize, have always provided us with great results,” said Paco Ontiveros, IT Manager at Nacex.“The CS40 is an ideal device for our project where it is used to scan and capture a customer’s signature. It combines powerful performance, ease of use and lightness, making it the ideal solution for our franchises.”

Download this case study below to read more about Nacex’s implementation of Intermec’s CS40 mobile computers and their results.