MicroBurst Web to Wireless Remote Control

Source: Aeris SA
To be a leader in the wireless data market, you need to be adaptable.
To be a leader in the wireless data market, you need to be adaptable. Aeris's patented technology—MicroBurst™—provides the agility, functionality and flexibility you need to be competitive and successful in today's markets. Aeris develops and deploys technologies to deliver mobile telemetry services through existing wireless infrastructures. Utilizing unused radio frequency capacity of cellular and other networks to deliver nationwide coverage at value-added pricing, Aeris works in concert with the wireless carrier to enhance existing product lines or create brand new untapped markets.

The MicroBurst technology utility—a proprietary method for sending short data packets over the control channels of existing cellular networks‹provides an economical conduit between the cellular telephone infrastructure and low-packet volume wireless data applications. For the MicroBurst service, Aeris contracts with cellular companies and then coordinates distribution channels (service providers with vertical market expertise) to take advantage of an evolving nationwide, virtual network. Aeris generates revenues by maintaining and operating the virtual network and a nationwide MicroBurst hub, which acts as the network intelligence. Licensing fees for use of the technology are maintained at modest levels to encourage network usage.

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