White Paper

Is Android Enterprise-Ready?

Honeywell Scanning & Mobility
Mika Majapuro, Manager - Product Marketing and Daniel Yeakley, Director of Software Engineering

Device Management and the Honeywell Approach:

The ability to remotely manage an install base of devices running the Android™ OS is the foundation of Honeywell’s approach to solving the associated business concerns. Currently, there are multiple third party companies that focus on building remote management and security solutions for Android™. However, in order to truly manage an Android™ offering at the level expected by corporate enterprises, remote management vendors need to get root access to the device which therefore requires close collaboration with the hardware vendors. Without this close collaboration, “off-the-shelf” remote management solutions have limited capabilities to manage Android™ devices across many mobile device OEMs. For example they are not capable of advanced activities, such as installing and uninstalling applications silently or performing advanced help desk activities.

Honeywell offers a remote device management solution - Remote MasterMind™, which leverages an OEM device management engine. Remote Mastermind addresses Android™ vulnerabilities and it greatly reduces the work and effort needed by IT support personnel to deploy and manage devices with an Android™ operating system. And because Honeywell and its partner have worked very closely during the Android™ development process, Remote Mastermind adds a host of capabilities that are not available with many “off-the-shelf” management tools. The issues presented below are not meant to be comprehensive, but instead give a quick overview of the answers that Honeywell offers. Please note, that users deploying Windows® based offerings also encounter some of the same vulnerabilities.

Download this white paper from Honeywell below to read more.

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