Freeware | January 6, 2000

LPP/32 2.1 (Shareware)

Source: SoftPlus International
It finds applications in areas like: Least Cost Mix (example: Product Formulation and Capacity Utilization Planning), Profit Maximization (example: Product Marketing Mix and Advertising Media Planning), and Transporation Logistics (moving goods from one warehouse to another). LPP/32 has been used in the teaching of LP in Ops Research (OR) courses and also in consultancy and research. The spreadsheet-style data-entry interface is suited for problems where the data preparation is not laborious; thus it has been limited to deal with up to 100 constraints and 100 variables. You enter a problem definition with variables and constraints, then let the program solve for optimum maximization or mix solutions. There is a sample problem to illustrate the features, as well as online help, but experience with the concepts of linear programming is essential. Reviewed on May 31 1998.