News | May 14, 2012

Local IT Services Provider Strives To Support Small Businesses, Fill Void In Marketplace

In 2007, A. Wesley Wyatt, Chief Executive Officer of global logistics provider DF Young, examined the efficiency of the company’s technology systems alongside his Vice President of Technology, John Luludis.  The rapid development of DF Young’s worldwide client base required an increased focus on up-to-date software and processes.  The duo determined that it would be the most cost-effective to outsource the implementation of new software solutions, and searched for a provider.

As the search progressed, Wyatt and Luludis felt caught between two options—large industry names such as IBM, which would not be cost-effective when compared to growing the in-house team, or small shops that would not have the ability or experience to handle DF Young’s needs. 

Luludis’ decades of technology experience—former positions include the Senior Vice President of DHL and Director of IT Operations for Volvo’s Car and Truck Division—lent him the expertise to realize the most cost-effective solution would be to create DF Young’s new software internally. 

The programs that DF Young team implemented served the company so well that Wyatt and Luludis felt its software, analysis and implementation strategy could be translatable to other industries and organizations.  The pair marketed its strategic IT approach and newly-created software to several existing business contacts, which included an internationally-distributed beverage company and beauty products supplier, among others.

In 2009, Wyatt and Luludis developed plans to package the custom-designed software and IT consulting offerings as Superior Technology Solutions.  

Superior Technology Solutions’ target market is small to mid-sized businesses throughout the mid-Atlantic region that need technology support or complete technology management.  Superior’s mission is to provide scalable, value-driven customized solutions. Superior has the capabilities and know-how to work with organizations across all sectors, and have worked with clients in the financial, medical, logistics, food and beverage, and manufacturing arenas. 

About Superior Technology Solutions
Superior Technology Solutions is a full-service IT provider focused on clients' bottom line.  By offering services on an as-needed basis, Superior Technology optimizes IT dollars while reducing headaches for small and mid-sized businesses.  For more information, visit

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