News | April 5, 2019

JD Chooses MXC To Connect Their Logistics Tracking With Blockchain

Hanover, Germany (PRWEB) -, a kind of company Amazon hopes to ultimately become (Wired), and the biggest company you may not know much about (DC Velocity), signed an agreement with the Berlin-based non-profit MXC Foundation on stage during the Hannover Messe. As part of this agreement, MXC will be responsible for enhancing JD’s logistics and live product tracking with LPWAN and blockchain technologies.

Logistics and product tracking is a complicated process often involving multiple companies, each with their individual way to process data. Blockchain offers a trustworthy solution to store this data, making it nearly impossible to corrupt or modify. The MXC Foundation offers JD the opportunity to use the blockchain API and parachain technologies built into the MXC Data Market.

“By adding this data to the MXC Parachain, JD has a logistics tracking solution compatible with any system either connected with blockchain or built with an API,” said Aaron Wagener, Co-Founder at MXC. “We are excited that such a massive partner has chosen MXC for their blockchain integration.”

MXC’s partnership with JD will begin immediately as we work together to connect their tracking technologies with MXC’s data management solutions. JD will evaluate LPWAN technologies for asset management and tracking within their warehouses. Full rollout of the solution is expected to take place in early 2020.

The MXC Foundation is a purpose-built Blockchain Foundation, based in Berlin. Its mission is to inspire fast, efficient, decentralized data exchanges using LPWAN and Blockchain technology. MXC is currently working on projects in New York City, South Korea, and Shanghai.

Source: PRWeb

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