Datasheet | February 5, 2009

Intermec IV7 IntelliTag® Vehicle-Mount RFID Reader

Source: Datex

RFID has always delivered the twin conveniences of hands-free scanning with little or no human intervention. Now, Intermec has taken that to the next level by adding the convenience of mobility with the new IV7 Intellitag® Vehicle Mount RFID reader. The IV7 joins an award winning family of Intellitag readers that include several handheld and fixed mount form factors.

As Intermec's first packaged forklift- mounted RFID reader system, the IV7 is designed for serial attachment to the Intermec® CV60 vehicle mount computer. Both are built to withstand the rigors of harsh, industrial environments and are sealed to IP65 ratings. The CV60, acting as the local host for the IV7, provides network management and security. The built-in DC-DC converter handles the noisy input power environment.