News | November 28, 2019

ID Logistics Announces A Strategic Acquisition And Expands Its Footprint To The United States With The Acquisition Of Jagged Peak's Activities

  • Acquisition of the activities of American company Jagged Peak, a specialist in ecommerce logistics, for $15M
  • Extension of ID Logistics' geographical footprint to North America
  • New development opportunities for ID Logistics in one of the world's largest markets

ID Logistics (ISIN: FR0010929125, Ticker: IDL) one of the European leaders in contract logistics, is announcing the acquisition of the assets of American company Jagged Peak, a logistics services company specialized in e-commerce, multi-channel and consumer products.

Eric Hémar, Chairman and CEO of ID Logistics commented: “This acquisition represents an exceptional strategic opportunity to extend the Group's geographical footprint to a new continent. Beyond the American market, a country with very strong potential for our activity, this operation demonstrates the confidence and satisfaction of Nespresso, one of our long-standing customers who entrusts us with the management of its logistics flows in the United States”.

Founded in 2000 and based in Tampa, Florida, Jagged Peak is a logistics services company specializing in e-commerce, which achieved a sales revenue of $80M in 2018 and has nearly 200 employees.

Jagged Peak distinguishes itself by its ability to deploy an offering of order preparation and distribution throughout the United States, either on its own or through a network of partners, thanks to an efficient organization and a unique IT system. This integrated management tool, which includes modules from OMS (order management system), WMS (warehouse management system) and TMS (transport management system), offers key e-commerce clients the opportunity to distribute their products throughout North America in record time.

A significant part of Jagged Peak's revenue is generated with Nespresso for its B2B and B2C activities, including through market place for American e-commerce leaders. As a long-standing customer in Europe, Nespresso is delighted to be able to rely on ID Logistics' expertise and to extend its partnership to the United States, which is one of its fast-growing markets.

Through this acquisition, ID Logistics is expanding the scope of its operations in the United States, paving the way for new organic and external growth opportunities.

The acquisition price of Jagged Peak amounts to $15M and the closing of the deal is expected before the end of 2019 after approval by the competent American authorities.

Source: ID Logistics