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How to Respond To Business Changes With Minimal Effort And Cost

Source: Infor

In today’s competitive global market where demands quickly change, company executives are constantly searching for ways to improve the bottom line by cutting costs, increasing revenue, and boosting profit margins. During the past decade, many organizations have focused on trying to minimize IT costs without sacrificing either data security or the rich software features that help them to automate and streamline their business processes, as well as to easily configure the software to meet their specific requirements.

Some companies have turned to reducing staffing levels, outsourcing, and adopting IT best practices as a strategy to keep costs down. Yet the goal of maintaining both robust functionality and costeffectiveness has continued to be an ongoing struggle for many of these organizations, particularly during tough economic times. The trend is now moving more toward innovative technology that provides long-term benefits and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

This white paper addresses how organizations are using innovative technology to keep pace with business changes and to provide a competitive edge. Flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use technology minimizes IT costs while maintaining data security and rich functionality, and it integrates seamlessly with other applications.

Infor10 Mongoose is an open-architecture software development framework that allows IT organizations within companies to rapidly create applications to adjust to changing business needs. The open architecture allows IT organizations to configure applications in unlimited ways and to unlimited degrees, and virtually eliminates the need for programming or code writing. These in-house application changes automatically move with each software upgrade.

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