White Paper

How The Right Printer Can Make A Difference For Manufacturers

Source: Intermec, Inc.

How Can Printers Help Manufacturers?

Handwritten work orders, job tickets and product labels take more time for workers to produce and process, and often contain errors that can lead to production mistakes, scrap and rework. The more that has to be written or transcribed, the greater the chance of a mistake. Studies have found that workers usually can’t remember part numbers longer than seven digits and need to write them down. Once part numbers reach 15 digits, the probability of an error is close to 100 percent . Errors create costs and inefficiency, so company competitiveness should not rely on an employee’s memory and handwriting.

Why Use a Dedicated Printer?

Manufacturers periodically retool their shop floor as the production mix requires it or better equipment becomes available. Production printing and labeling operations also require periodic retooling, but many manufacturers maintain outdated processes. Why use handwritten job tickets that travel with work-in-process, or produce component and product identification labels on general-purpose printers, when more efficient processes are available? Using the right tool for the job leads to higher accuracy and efficiency.

Creating production documents and labels on a printer and adding bar codes saves time and improves accuracy. However, production printing can create other non-value-added costs. Sharing a general-purpose page printer among office and production workers adds unnecessary time, cost and errors to operations.

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