Case Study

There's No Place For Human Error: Automating Logistics For Incubation Hold Of Healthcare Products

There’s no place for human error when people’s lives are involved

When you’re manufacturing and shipping a product that affects people’s lives, you’ve got to get it right. There’s no room for error in the process of getting the product to your customers.

At one leading healthcare products company, they have high standards for their products. Virtually all of their nutrition product goes on incubation hold once it reaches the Logistics Centers operated by DSC Logistics and can be released only by the company. And, they have rigorous quality hold (QA) requirements.

But, the system that managed their inventory couldn’t ensure that the standards were met. It wasn’t automated or standardized, so there was always the possibility of human error. Logistics Center employees had to be constantly alert to emailed and/or faxed spread sheets about holds and releases.