News | December 15, 2000

Honeywell's Millennium Roofing Systems Offer Unique Performance, Property Advantages

Source: Honeywell Commercial Roofing Systems
<%=company1%> provides roofing assemblies for a variety of applications including an innovative system—Millennium. The Millennium family of products, which are all made of polymer-enhanced coal tar, create roofing systems that deliver unique performance and property advantages such as resistance to ponded water, unmatched flexibility at low temperatures and multiple application methods.

"Millennium represents the newest technology and the fastest growing segment of the coal tar market," said William Spencer, Manager, Business Development at Honeywell Commercial Roofing Systems. "Millennium is typically used in ponded water conditions, plaza decks, sub-grade waterproofing, heavily contaminated environments and anywhere that low life cycle and maintenance costs are important."

Millennium products include granular surface membranes, smooth membranes, base sheets, adhesives and mastics. In addition, Millennium surfacing options include traditional aggregate surfacing as well as granules in three colors.

Millennium products' superior performance is based on proven chemistry, which combines the properties of coal tar with a blend of enhanced polymers. This combination results in a product that resists ponded water, aging, ultraviolet radiation and chemicals, such as petroleum products, salts, fats and other contaminants.

Additionally, Millennium offers high temperature stability and superior cold temperature flexibility properties, (cold flex temperature of -67˚ F). System advantages include the ability to use multiple application methods such as cold adhesive, hot coal tar bitumen and hot-air welding. Like traditional coal tar built-up roofing systems that typically last 25 years or more, Millennium brings long-term benefits and performance as well as proven reliability.

Honeywell Commercial Roofing Systems is a single-source supplier of premium roofing systems. A $25 billion company, Honeywell offers technical support, customer support and complete warranty programs. Honeywell, a full-service company, assists specifiers with services such as roof evaluation and analysis, budget cost estimating and code compliance reviews.

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