News | May 29, 2019

FreightPOP Introduces Greater Supply Chain Visibility Tools

FreightPOP, an industry-leading provider of transportation management software (TMS), has rolled out a series of powerful feature updates that increases shipping efficiencies on multiple levels.

Lake Forest, CA (PRWEB) - FreightPOP has further streamlined their all-encompassing shipping and logistics solution with collaboration portals, multi-leg shipment tools, automated customer returns management, and carrier partner discounts.

“The goal is to give shipping and logistics managers competitive-edge visibility into their supply chain so they can prevent costly problems and communicate real-time information to manufacturers, carriers, or customers.” explained FreightPOP CEO Kurt Johnson. “Our solutions have always been aimed at simplifying and reducing the cost of shipping and these new features are dynamic additions.”

FreightPOP's latest software additions include:

  • Customer Collaboration Portals: Allows customer visibility into open and shipped orders, with the ability to process return shipments back by easily printing required BOLs and shipping labels.
  • Vendor Collaboration Portals: Allows vendor visibility into open POs, while giving vendors the ability to ship off those POs. This gives customers greater supply chain visibility (SCV).
  • Carrier Portals: Allows carriers to provide rates, tracking status, and documents so they can communicate in real-time.
  • Multi-leg Shipment Management: Enables shipments that have multiple legs to be managed in one seamless transaction, saving time and increasing SCV.
  • Marketplace Rates: FreightPOP refers customers to their carrier partner discounts when their rates are lower than customer negotiated rates or current market rates.
  • Return Labels Management: Allows customers, particularly e-commerce customers that provide return labels per shipment, to access an automated management system to track batched or print-as-needed return labels.

Earlier this year, FreightPOP announced a significant increase in their integrations capabilities to its best-in-class TMS platform. They offer integration with over 20 key technological platforms, including solutions for enterprise resource management, warehouse and inventory management, customer relationship management, and order systems. Shippers also have access to 200+ carriers and marketplaces for quick and seamless rate shopping.

About FreightPOP
Built on more than two decades of shipping & logistics experience, FreightPOP's goal is to allow shippers to ship smarter, and ship easier. It serves the mid-sized to enterprise level shippers, with features that are powerful, yet affordable to use. To find out more, visit

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