News | January 3, 2019

Forager Logistics Announces Its Launch As The Premier Solution For Cross-Border Freight

Forager Logistics mission is to change the way freight moves throughout North America

Chicago, IL /PRNewswire/ - Forager Logistics today announces its launch as a new Cross-Border Freight Brokerage & Logistics Service Provider. Forager Logistics was founded to make it easier for shippers to transport their product to and from Mexico and Canada, with a focus on servicing the complex supply chain networks in the automotive and aerospace industries.

In early 2018, after a decade at one of the largest freight brokerages in North America, Matt Silver departed with the goal of creating something unique and new in a crowded freight industry, focused on areas with extreme growth opportunity and few dominant players in these markets. He spent three years building up the company's Mexicodepartment from scratch to an industry leading division and then spent a year as the face of the company for Canada, learning a lot about the different logistical challenges and cultural aspects of both countries. This experience, combined with his background in customer sales and operations, carrier relations, and pricing strategy, provides a strong backbone to develop a long-term strategy for a niche-focused freight brokerage, centered around cross-border full truckload.

Forager's services include arranging full truckloads within North America, but the service provided for cross-border Mexico and Canada shipments promises to be the standout. Forager is actively developing experts in cross-border operations, with teams built around communicating with customs brokers and facilities in Mexico, where bilingual employees will coordinate with those facilities to ensure timely transportation needs are met. Forager also highlights flatbed and other specialized freight in its offerings.

"More than a decade ago, I started working at what became one of the greatest freight brokerages in history. I had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the industry, from booking freight to selling to customers in the US, Mexico and Canada. I fell in love with logistics and, in particular, cross-border movements. I developed a healthy obsession with going after the most complicated freight and foraging for opportunities and solutions. We're hyper-focused on the level of service provided to shippers, as there is a high demand for perfection when it comes to the operational details of cross-border truckload. Our job is to change the way freight moves throughout North America." - Matt Silver, CEO of Forager Logistics.

In the US alone, the domestic freight spend is a whopping $738B. 2017 saw a new record of $557B worth of goods and services between the US and Mexico. From 2016-2017, the export of goods from Mexico to the US, and Canada to the US, both grew 5.8 percent.

Forager Logistics is modernizing what it means to be a forager in order to continually evolve and prosper in today's freight wilderness. Forager features a leadership team with decades of senior-level logistics experience and cross-border supply chain expertise as well as a sleek, easy-to-use web-based transportation management platform to bring a higher level of service to the industry.

Source: Forager Logistics

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