FootPrint WMS 3PL Cold Storage

Source: Datex

Private and public cold storage warehouse providers are challenged by harsh environmental conditions as well as regulatory, safety and traceability concerns in handling sensitive products such as food and pharmaceuticals.  The public refrigerated warehouse industry is highly competitive and driven to continually reduce costs and errors.

To handle and store goods properly, cold storage warehouses typically rely on warehouse management systems and mobile technology solutions.  Having access to the real time information provided by this technology enables more effective decision making and more accurate operations.  More efficient operations equate to better pricing and the ability to attract, win and retain business.

  • IARW compliant reports
  • Automated workflow provides highest level of system flexibility, efficiency & accuracy
  • Temperature capture
  • Ability to restrict inventory to specific temperature zones
  • Catch weight/variable weight
  • Handles inspections, holds & quarantines
  • Two step putaway
  • Activity based billing for all value added services
  • System works with barcoding, RF or RFID
  • Traceability by lot, vat code, SKU, UPC or ingredient/component
  • Lot control
  • Supports variety of allocation strategies including FIFO, FEFO, FEMO, LIFO, LEFO, LFMO & more
  • Create customized contracts & billing to meet any need
  • Web portal provides 24/7 access to inventory, reports & more
  • Customizable reporting and dashboard creation