News | August 5, 2020

Flock Freight Announces B Corporation Certification

Flock Freight is the first freight shipping provider to earn the B Corporation certification due to the company's commitment to ship freight sustainably with its shared truckload solution

Solana Beach, CA /PRNewswire/ - Flock Freight, the only logistics provider that offers a shared truckload shipping solution for businesses, today announced its B Corporation certification, reinforcing the company's commitment to sustainable freight shipping.

Unlike traditional corporations, B Corps are legally required to consider the impact of their decisions on all stakeholders: Customers, workers, communities, and the environment. Flock Freight's industry-leading commitment to the environment reduces carbon emissions by up to 40% with its shared truckload solution by pooling multiple less-than-truckload and partial truckload shipments that are going in the same direction onto one truck. Shared truckload shipping negates the need for carbon-intensive terminals and, because shared truckload shipments only load and unload once, 99.9% of shipments arrive damage-free, eliminating the environmental harm of remanufacturing and reshipping duplicate goods.

"As the first freight shipping company to gain B Corporation status, Flock Freight is setting the standard for sustainable shipping practices in the trucking industry with our shared truckload shipping solution," said Oren Zaslansky, founder and CEO of Flock Freight. "Sustainability is an integral component of Flock Freight's business model, and the B Corporation certification validates our commitment to transforming the $65B freight industry with shared truckload shipping, which makes shipping freight sustainable, affordable, and efficient."

Flock Freight's commitment to its employees was a notable part of earning this certification. "All in" is a company value that all members of the team exemplify through the collective mindset that hard work and dedication yield beneficial results for the whole company and extend beyond the company into positive change throughout the industry. Flock Freight prioritizes the comprehensive well-being of its entire team and is dedicated to providing competitive benefits, generous time off, stock options, retirement plans, and company-sponsored perks. 

The B Corp network consists of over 3,000 businesses that operate in more than 70 countries and across 150 industries. The B Corp program is inspiring tens of thousands of companies to measure their respective impacts, transition to modern corporate structures, and build better businesses.

"We are thrilled to welcome Flock Freight to the B Corp community. Flock Freight's dedication to transforming the freight industry and its impact on the environment through its shared truckload solution is a game-changer," said Pooja Dindigal, senior associate of business development at B Lab. "Flock Freight's commitment to supporting its employees, community, and the environment perfectly aligns with the B Corp's mission to prioritize both purpose and profit."

In 2019, Flock Freight's solution saved the equivalent of over 4,335 metric tons of CO2. In 2020, Flock Freight is committed to reducing carbon emissions from the trucking industry by 5,000 metric tons through shared truckload shipping.

About B Lab
B Lab is a nonprofit that serves a global movement of people and uses business as a force for good. B Lab's initiatives include B Corp Certification, administration of the B Impact Management programs and software, and advocacy for governance structures like the benefit corporation. B Lab's vision is of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet. To date, there are over 3,000 Certified B Corps in 150 industries and 70 countries, and over 70,000 companies using the B Impact Assessment. Visit for more information.

About Flock Freight
Flock Freight is the only logistics provider that guarantees shared truckload shipping for businesses. The company is transforming the freight industry with its proprietary pooling technology and algorithms that eliminate terminals and optimize underutilized supply. Founded in 2015, the company works at the intersection of cutting-edge technology and human-centric logistics, prioritizing exceptional service and affordability for the shipper and increased revenue potential for carriers. Backed by SignalFire, GLP, Google Ventures, and several other leaders in the digital supply chain transformation, Flock Freight (formerly AuptiX) is headquartered in Solana Beach, CA.

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