News | December 16, 2020

Evans Transportation Announces Evans 2.0 Logistics Management Platform

Proprietary System Built from the Ground Up to Transform the Logistics Industry with Transparency, Speed and Accuracy

Brookfield, WI /PRNewswire/ - Evans Transportation, a full-service, third-party provider of custom logistics solutions for North American shippers, today announced the launch of the Evans 2.0 logistics management platform. Consisting of facilities including the Evans Integration Hub, the Evans Rating System, and a reimagined Freight Pay & Platform, Evans 2.0 represents an overhaul on the logistics industry that leverages modern technology to streamline processes, increases speed and accuracy, and provide real-time visibility and transparency on costs.

"In an era where most logistics businesses operate with off-the-shelf platforms and applications, we decided to leverage the latest protocols and technologies to build out our own core internal and external systems," said Ryan Keepman, President of Evans Transportation. "Evans 2.0 was designed from the ground up to provide a new level of value, transparency and usability, propelling the logistics industry into the new decade – for both vendors and customers."

Evans 2.0 includes:

  • Evans Integration Hub: Enables seamless integration between Evans customers, carriers and partner vendors, streamlining the process for our clients and increasing automation for all parties.
  • Evans Rating Engine: A proprietary Parcel, LTL, and Truckload rating engine that leverages technology to propel speed and accuracy while providing the most reliable information in the logistics industry.
  • Evans 2.0 Freight Pay & Audit Platform: Proactive 'push' notifications, provide a new level of invoicing transparency and accuracy. In a dynamic environment of changing fuel schedules, accessorial service add-ons and paperwork modifications, Evans proprietary Freight Pay & Audit Platform is designed to provide an informed customer experience.

"In the past, with changing contracts, fuel schedules, and unforeseen additional services, it was common for unaudited freight bills to cost shippers 5-7% more on an annual basis," said Jason Mansur, COO of Evans Transportation. "Our new Freight Pay & Audit Platform was built to eliminate the guesswork and surprises that were part of the normal in the old way of doing things, while providing our customers with the level of transparency, speed and accuracy they should expect and deserve."

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