White Paper

Evaluating Label Printers To Support Transportation & Logistics Operations

Source: Intermec, Inc.

Bar coded shipping labels are key to sophisticated tracking and material handling systems that make efficient transportation and distribution operations possible. Therefore the shipping label printer is a key component of these systems. Plenty of printers can produce shipping labels. The true differentiator among these printers isn’t their purchase price, but the value they return by performing reliably, minimizing support time and costs, and consistently meeting label quality requirements.

The ideal shipping label printer is easy to set up, install and integrate, easy to use, easy to maintain and has a long life cycle. This white paper identifies the features that save time for users, and those that simplify integration and management for IT support staff, so the printer will return maximum value for long-term, low-cost reliable operations.

Installation & Integration Considerations

Printers that are the best fit for the physical and IT environment return the best value. Size, mounting options and available power sources determine a printer’s ease of installation. Configuration method, network connectivity options, software compatibility and other factors are major differentiators in the time required to integrate different printer models, and for the time and cost that will be incurred to support them throughout their lifecycle. Here are some points to consider about how these specifications contribute to ease of use and total cost of ownership.

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