EDI WebSource

Source: 1 EDI Source
The EDI WebSource solution will make your EDI set-up easy and cost effective
The EDI WebSource solution will make your EDI set-up easy and cost effective. EDI WebSource was designed for those who need a place to start for EDI compliance and are not interested in setting up an in-house solution with trained operators.
  • No EDI staff required
  • No software required
  • No training required
  • No EDI knowledge required
  • No maintenance or support contracts
  • No EDI system management
  • No VAN charges
  • Fast implementation
  • High-speed document transfer
  • Integrates into Accounting system
  • Custom reports available
  • Carbon copies

This service is designed for companies of all sizes that need to meet EDI requirements within a short time frame and inexpensively, while getting all the benefits of an integrated software solution.

EDI WebSource will deliver to a client a file formatted according to specifications via a high-speed Internet connectivity. As an example, a company may elect to receive its EDI transactions formatted to a certain Microsoft Excel spreadsheet or MS Access database program. In addition, the data can be formatted so that it can be imported into most accounting systems upon delivery. This solution is ideally suited for companies receiving orders from their Web sites and that need to transmit information to their suppliers via EDI.

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