News | June 18, 2024

Eco-Energy Teams Up With Commtrex To Transform Logistics Management

Franklin, TN (BUSINESS WIRE) - Eco-Energy, LLC has announced a partnership with Commtrex to deliver outsourced logistics and fleet management services throughout North America. This alliance merges the strengths of two industry leaders, leveraging top-tier technology with exceptional customer service and highly experienced physical logistics capabilities to transform how rail logistics are managed.

Commtrex, known for its innovative tech-driven solutions, will tap into Eco-Energy’s extensive resources and infrastructure. This collaboration empowers Commtrex to offer comprehensive, tailored logistics management—fully outsourced or as-needed on-demand—to its diverse customer base. With Eco-Energy as Commtrex’s exclusive physical bulk logistics partner, the two companies are poised to streamline and simplify logistics management with turnkey, transparent, full-service supply chain solutions.

"Over the past year, our members have shown a growing interest in outsourcing their rail logistics and fleet management needs," said Martin Lew, CEO of Commtrex. "While Commtrex currently supports customers with certain complexities of rail transit, Eco-Energy's extensive experience, assets, and infrastructure enable us to address more sophisticated supply chain challenges. Partnering with Eco-Energy allows our customers to concentrate on scaling their core business while their bulk freight is expertly managed by a seasoned logistics team. Managing over 40,000 rail carloads and 85,000 truckloads, Eco-Energy is the ideal partner, proficient in anticipating and handling shipment intricacies. This synergy of technology, visibility, and service is set to elevate efficiencies across the freight shipping landscape."

“At Eco-Energy, we are thrilled to join forces with Commtrex, a company renowned for its cutting-edge technology and robust market presence. This partnership delivers incredible synergies, combining our extensive logistics capabilities with Commtrex’s innovative technology solutions. By leveraging our combined strengths, we will deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers with unmatched efficiency and transparency. This partnership not only enhances our ability to meet the market’s evolving needs but also positions us to transform how shippers manage their rail logistics across North America." - David Maggied, President of Transportation, Eco-Energy.

Together, Eco-Energy and Commtrex are not just meeting the market’s needs—they have comprehensive solutions for solving problems and are redefining the future of rail logistics.

About Eco-Energy
Eco-Energy LLC is a low-carbon solutions services provider. Its core business is the marketing and transportation of biofuels and natural gas across the US and Canada. With global reach, Eco-Energy provides a complete low-carbon portfolio of services that leads the industry, bringing a level of knowledge and expertise that its partners have come to rely on. Learn more at

About Commtrex
Commtrex simplifies the movement of freight by rail with a tech-enabled platform that connects a network of reputable railroads, transloaders, lessors, and other rail service providers across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Commtrex’s data-driven approach provides the rail and transload industry with visibility and connectivity that significantly accelerates the amount of time it takes for shippers to procure the services needed to manage their freight by rail. With a community of 3,800+ active members, including over 1,700 shippers, and partnerships with all six Class I Railroads, Commtrex stands at the forefront of the industry. Discover more at

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