Source: QAD Inc.
QAD offers E-Commerce Applications and eAPS Applications.
E-Commerce Applications

MFG/PRO B2B gives QAD enterprise software users the ability to share information and conduct business-to-business transactions over the Internet. This means that your entire global supply chain can be electronically linked together through MFG/PRO and the Internet. MFG/PRO B2B access facilitates faster and more efficient communications with your customers, suppliers, and internal users, allowing you to respond to changing requirements much more rapidly.

MFG/PRO B2C is a Web storefront specifically designed for the special requirements of manufacturing and distribution companies within QAD's vertical markets. It allows your company to display, market, and transact orders for your finished goods or services seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Just as importantly, it presents to your customers an easy-to-use Web transaction interface that takes orders with the secure use of a credit card.

Easy to implement and maintain, MFG/PRO EDI provides a streamlined method of managing EDI communications between MFG/PRO and trading partners. The application places the processing logic, EDI document specifications, and trading partner specifications in database tables that can be modified at the user interface level with a set of maintenance programs. This table-driven EDI message conversion system allows a common software solution to seamlessly support a wide range of trading partners and document types.

eAPS Applications

Supply Chain Optimizer

Supply Chain Optimizer unleashes the power of your people, processes, and tools. The software not only generates feasible plans, it executes those plans while capturing all of the data and feedback needed to adjust and refine them in real-time. Supply Chain Optimizer ensures fast, accurate, and reliable supply chain optimization because it models the full breadth and depth of your supply chain – within and beyond your enterprise. Supply Chain Optimizer is seamlessly integrated with QAD's enterprise solution.

Factory Optimizer
Factory Optimizer is a plant-level component of QAD's Supply Chain Optimizer, an optimized APS solution that extends beyond the plant to include supplier and customer supply chains. Factory Optimizer quickly moves you from what-if scenarios to what's best. And by improving asset utilization at every node of your plant, Factory Optimizer dramatically improves customer satisfaction, reduces expenses, and helps you grow revenue.

Demand Planner
QAD's Internet-enabled Demand Planner allows manufacturers to improve product planning, promotional management, channel management, market allocation and customer service. The software models factors driving demand with cross-functional collaboration and advanced OLAP analysis. Because it integrates with MFG/PRO and QAD's APS applications, Demand Planner provides multiple, in-depth views of demand data.

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