White Paper

Does HTML5 Make Sense For Mobile Enterprise Applications?

Web applications were originally considered inappropriate for mobile enterprise applications because of their inability to work offline, and the generally superior performance of native apps that were developed for specific operating systems and mobile devices. HTML5 and the rapidly changing enterprise mobile computing ecosystem are changing that. Now that there are HTML5-based field service, ERP and other enterprise software packages on the market, the growth in BYOD and cloud computing environments is leading more ISVs to create HTML5 applications, and the number of mobile devices with HTML5 browser support is projected to nearly double in 2013.

This momentum is causing companies to reconsider their mobile strategies and grapple with two fundamental questions:

  1. Why are enterprises, software application providers and device makers adopting HTML5?
  2. Should we as well?

This white paper will help you determine if HTML is right for your mobile environment by:

  • Providing insight into why HTML5 is popular now;
  • Highlighting important new capabilities in HTML5;
  • Explaining how HTML5’s characteristics, advantages and limitations relate specifically to field service, route sales, delivery, inspection, production, warehouse management and other mobile enterprise operations that require rugged computers with automated data collection tools.

Download the complete white paper below to learn more.