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Dimerco Latest CYM System Improves Freight Consolidation Capability

Taipei City, Taiwan /PRNewswire/ - Dimerco Express Corporation (TWSE: 5609) is a global logistics service provider headquartered in Taiwan for over 42 years. To cope with emerging trends of globalization, operational changes and surging consolidation requirements, Dimerco promotes its Dimerco Value Plus System© one step further with the latest Consolidation Yield Management System© (CYM).

Edward Lin, Dimerco CEO, said, "With current corporations aligning its management control with sales and production, adjusting its procurement policy by multi-nations, multi-products and low quantity, our consolidation capability further guarantees low cargo loss ratio and long term space arrangements with carriers, which in turn benefits our global customers with quality and reliable services."

CYM had successfully filed for a U.S. patent in the beginning of the year. In fact, Dimerco, DFS (Diversified Freight System) and Dimerco Value Plus System© under the Dimerco Express Group are all accredited with trademarks in major countries; the additional CYM U.S. patent in the family represents another milestone and further enhances Dimerco global competitive edges.

3 major advantages of CYM offering efficient and convenient consolidations

By adopting Web 2.0 and supply chain management, Dimerco has developed its own Dimerco Value Plus System©. Through continuous endeavors, Dimerco CYM has successfully derived to provide real-time consolidation operation. CYM features with three major advantages including workflow automation which results in operation efficiency optimization; integrate and improve freight consolidation capability between skirt and hub cities; and, increasing consolidation yields and efficiencies.

Recently, Dimerco awarded another patent successfully in Taiwan for its "Data Synchronization Method." This method serves to collate Dimerco world-wide data (including CYM) from all locations into one central site. With its "Business Intelligence Reporting Tool," which is capable to provide accurate reports to its global customers on a real time basis, this demonstrates Dimerco not only offers efficient services to its customers, but also its determination to strengthen its IT capability through successful patent applications.

Dimerco continues to promote its green policy and designated transportation services to fulfil customers' needs. Through CYM, Dimerco has effectively managed all transportation systems and resources to reduce number of packaging and optimize space utilization. On one hand, this helps to protect the environment by avoiding resources wastage and lower carbon footprint. On the other hand, it demonstrates the company's professionalism in the global logistics network.

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SOURCE: Dimerco Express Corporation

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