News | August 26, 2008

CMG Logistics Chooses Blink Logic To Arm Customers To Win Shipping Rate Negotiations -- Expects To Save Customers Up To 10% In Parcel, Freight And Courier Bills

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Blink Logic Inc., (OTCBB:BLKL), the innovation leader in Software as a Service (SaaS) Business Intelligence (BI) announced today that CMG Logistics, the leader in the transportation data services industry, will be incorporating Blink Logic™ into their SaaS-based Transportation Data Management Service (TDMS).

CMG Logistics, a division of CMG Inc., assists mid-market companies ($50 million to $1 billion) in managing their transportation spend by auditing freight bills to ensure customers have paid the contracted price for services actually delivered. CMG ensures these costs are allocated correctly in customers' financial records, and provides insight into the freight data to reduce overall costs. Because rapidly rising freight costs represent up to ten percent of cost of goods sold, companies are paying closer attention to their overall transportation cost. CMG is well positioned to recommend changes that improve efficiency and save money, cutting a client's freight bill by three to eight percent or more. For instance, for a company spending $10M in shipping per year, CMG can add close to a million dollars to their bottom line by finding freight billing overcharges. The company expects Blink Logic to bring an even sharper focus to these services.

"When it comes to logistics, your parcel and freight vendors know more about your own company's operations than you do," said Tom Chappelear, President, Corporate Development, CMG Inc. "No wonder they're so good at rate negotiations. With Blink Logic, we're levelling the playing field for you. Now we are able to provide decision makers critical information about their logistics operations so you can negotiate with your carriers and make smarter decisions in managing and controlling all aspects of your logistics."

Why Blink Logic

"Our Transportation Data Management Service does more than audit your freight costs," stated Chappelear. "With the help of Blink Logic, we are able to aggregate disperse data from our clients, carriers and 3rd party vendors to create a closed loop reporting system where we link transportation costs to the cost of the customer's product. This capability enables CMG to analyze shipping patterns to drive supply chain decisions like where to place your distribution centers, what shipping methods and carriers to use and how to recoup shipping costs. Blink Logic enables us to provide logistics visibility for a specific SKU or distribution center which in turn allows our customers to maximize their profit and to control their logistics operations to assure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley."

Partnership Built on Innovation

"CMG Logistics shares our core value of investing in continuous improvement to delight customers," said David Morris, CEO, Blink Logic, Inc. "By using Blink Logic to empower their clientele with meaningful insight into shipping data, they are fundamentally shifting the balance of power in logistics from vendor to customer. We are proud to be the interface into this market-changing capability."

Blink Logic Uniques

According to Chappelear, CMG selected Blink Logic for several reasons:

  • Customers prefer an easy-to-use, richly graphical web-based interface over the current data table or Excel solutions.
  • The on-demand delivery model means everyone is using the correct version of the software and reporting off the same data set.
  • Blink Logic's unique annotation facilities help clients' supply chain managers to collaborate with the Finance department to assure accurate logistic expense allocations.
  • The new Blink Logic mapping features will allow non-expert business people to view critical sales, operational and logistic information geographically.
  • A self-service environment frees customers from having to train on, support and maintain the application or rely on their own IT departments to build reports.

About Blink Logic Inc.
Blink Logic Inc. (OTCBB:BLKL), delivers SaaS BI solutions to customer-facing line-of-business executives in mid-market companies around the world. By sharing the software, hardware, maintenance and support costs across tens of thousands of customers, Blink Logic can deliver tremendous capability to its customers at a low monthly subscription price. In the past, the high cost and extensive customization involved in implementing 'twentieth century' BI has kept mid-market companies away from business intelligence. Now Blink Logic offers them a new class of secure internet-based solutions to connect their companies with their customers, prospects, partners and employees. Executives can put Blink Logic's "do, test, do better" action model right to work, continuously increasing revenue, customer retention and profitability. For more information, please visit About CMG Logistics, Inc. Founded in 1995, CMG Logistics, a division of CMG Inc., is the leader in the transportation data services industry, serving finance, operations and transportation professionals in mid-market companies ($50 million to $1 billion). The Company's flagship SaaS-based Transportation Data Management Service (TDMS) audits freight bills to ensure customers have paid the contracted price for services actually delivered, and allocates these costs in customers' financial records, often reducing shipping costs by upwards of three to eight percent. Via consulting and advanced self-service data visualization tools, CMG delivers valuable insight into logistics activities so companies can make smart decisions around the supply chain – such as where to place distribution centers, what shipping methods and carriers to use and how to recoup shipping costs. As shipping represents around 10 percent of a company's cost of goods sold, CMG Logistics delivers a sizable and quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI). For more information, visit

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