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CLASSIC LITE is a fully-integrated operations and billing solution that provides easy entry of loads and all associated information
CLASSIC LITE is a fully-integrated operations and billing solution that provides easy entry of loads and all associated information. User selectable parameters and options make the software flexible and easy to use. You will experience time savings as well as greater accuracy because the system will manage all your trip information, from load entry to delivery. The system has built-in security management with logon and password restrictions. Users quickly move from task to task by selecting simple, understandable options. Extensive "search" and "retrieve" capabilities allow fast access and easy update of information.

Single screen format - view load summary with pop-up windows for detail or modification
Standard Entry - encourages the complete entry of all data individually required for billing
Quick Entry - loads can be entered with sufficient data for minimal tracking
Templates - repeat or dedicated loads can be modified and entered in seconds
Search - by trip, tractor, trailer, driver, shipper, consignee, bill to, PO, B/L, MC# or other
Customers - all detail can be entered on the fly or pulled by code from customer file
Commodity - simple codes enter detailed descriptions that can link to GL accounts
Rating - enter by Mile, Flat Charge, CWT, Gallon, Barrel. Time, or any Unit of Measure
View Equipment - select status range, type, and then sort by equipment, location, state or zone
Equipment - can validate tractor or trailer number and you can re-power or pre assign as needed
Drivers - can validate driver number and you can slip-seat, have team drivers or lessors
Inter-modal - Import/Export, steamship or rail, can track and age returns for containers or chassis
Status - can track sequential events as they occur in hauling from order entry to delivery
Pallet Tracking - tracks by account/location with credit/debit adjustments and totals

Status change - can generate chronological record entries by date, time. location and who did it
Trace file categories - by tractor, trailer, driver, shipper, consignee, bill to or trip number. Select a category and view all chronological records and hot-key from any record to it's dispatch

Sales Analysis - provides customer load totals and breaks down expense types through net revenue
Equipment Location
Dispatch Book
Bill of Lading
Master Bill of Lading
Rate Confirmation Sheet

Fuel/Mileage - Entry and Reports
Fuel Tax Report
Trip Expense - Entry and Reports
Driver Logs - Entry and Reports
Daily Driver Logs - Entry, Log Auditing, Summary and Reports
Violations/Compliance Report
Inquiry - Routes, Drivers, States, Expense Class

Cash Receipts - Entry and Reports
Credit Application
Service Charges
Inquiry and Report - Customers, Account History
Aging Parameters and Report
Statements Report
Sales Journal

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