News | November 6, 2019

CartonCloud's Robust Software Helps Zippy Logistics Triple Their Business

Zippy Logistics is in the process of securing new funding after its recent growth spurt.

CartonCloud, a SaaS company for transport and warehouse management, is pleased to announce that its notable client, Nigeria-based Zippy Logistics, has tripled its business after shifting to CartonCloud’s software. CartonCloud has been making logistics simple and efficient for small and mid-sized companies in Australia and globally for the past five years.

Logistics companies like Zippy are facing 3 major challenges today:

  1. Logistics involve cumbersome administration work like manual data-entry jobs, manual consignment allocation to drivers, manual client invoicing, etc.
  2. Archaic software in the market that’s not focused on automation, with little to no customer support, increases workload stress.
  3. Good logistics management solutions are expensive and require lock-in contracts, essentially making them unsuitable for small logistics companies.

Tackling the challenges mentioned above can transform a logistics and transport company. And Zippy Logistics experienced this transformation after shifting to CartonCloud's streamlined cloud-based solution.

CartonCloud's background in operating a logistics business ensured automation and configuration were a part of the platform's essential framework.

CartonCloud powered Zippy's transformation in 4 significant steps:

  1. CartonCloud brought Transparency & Accountability to the company's operations, which helped it secure big clients like Unilever and Kellogs in Nigeria.
  2. A shift from manual admin processes like excel-based workflows to CartonCloud’s online application was vital in adding flexibility and real-time updates to the company’s processes.
  3. Zippy's employees became hyper-efficient, increasing their account officer to client ratio from just 1:6 to a staggering 1:16.
  4. Zippy’s growth has helped it raise new funding, further fueling its growth in the market.

In addition to Zippy, most CartonCloud customers have experienced increased efficiency and improved client satisfaction after the shift to its cloud-based application.

CartonCloud's transport and warehouse management system comes with the following features-24/7/365 availability, Automated allocations, Route Optimization, Pick Job Scanning with iOS / Android phone, Electronic Proof of Delivery, Customized Documents, integrated WMS, and TMS.

“We have clients that are doubling their business within 12 months after using CartonCloud”

CartonCloud has successfully processed over 8 million logistics jobs for over 200 clients across the globe. The company is also the proud winner of the 2018 Telstra Business Award and is backed by the Queensland Government Business Development Fund (BDF).

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Source: CartonCloud