BUSTOPS Student Transportation Software

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MicroAnalytics' BUSTOPS Student Transportation Software has enhanced optimization, context sensitive on-line help, improved map graphics, automatic data handling features and custom-designed reports
BUSTOPS sets up optimum bus loads and plans route schedules for school districts of all sizes. BUSTOPS' route optimization capability considers detailed time restrictions and a wide variety of parameters. It incorporates detours and road restrictions such as one-way streets and no left-turns. BUSTOPS improves route efficiency by calculating many route alternatives.

BUSTOPS automatically advances students one grade at the end of the school year, assigns new transportation to students who change schools, and handles multiple addresses for baby-sitters. The Demographic Analysis Module also allows administrators to conduct redistricting studies to effectively plan for the school district's future needs.

With BUSTOPS, users can design reports that fit their specific needs. The user selects the position headings from a list of data fields. New reports are automatically added to the menu of reports when they are saved.